How Short-term Car Insurance Saved Footballer Fred Wash From Financial Ruin While on Holiday

One day New Zealand champion midfielder Fred Wash was out on holiday in the UK with his Missus to celebrate his Blaby Bulldogs winning their 3rd straight championship in League One of the Wairappa Football League.

It was supposed to be a carefree holiday. However, one serious incident changed Fred Wash's holiday from pure bliss to utter chaos. Thankfully, he was able to come out of it unscathed physically or financially because he had a plan for such an emergency before he left for his holiday.

Here is how it happened.

One nice July afternoon Fred Wash decided to have a bite to eat in Manchester. He was driving ino he City when all of a sudden a drunken man decided to walk out toward the centre of the street to have a look at a coin that lay on the ground. The man was so wrecked that he decided to have a seat right on the street.

Once poor Fred Wash saw the bloke sitting there on the street, he panicked and tried to bypass the poor man by driving round him. He managed to bypass the man but jumped the street and ended up plowing into a nearby cafe.

The auto was a total wreck. Furthermore, the cafe now had a drive-through where none existed before.

Thankfully, no one was hurt in the incident. This was the case because Fred Wash took defensive driving courses that helped him avoid hurting people who were round him. These courses came in handy because Fred had to turn his vehicle away quickly from the faced man who was by now passed out on the street.

After the police took the faced man to the clink to dry up a bit, Fred Wash had to speak to the police to draw up an incident report for insurance purposes.

After he filed the report with the police, he immediately rang his insurance underwriter for help. Thankfully, Fred purchased some short term car insurance from a reputable UK underwriter back before he left for his trip. This purchase let Fred work with his agency to come up with an honest payment plan for all of the damages that happened when he swerved to avoid the faced man on the street.

The UK agency helped Fred use his policy to pay for all of the damages to the auto and cafe in a jiffy. This happened because the temporary car insurance policy that Fred purchased included vacation coverage for property damage and other benefits that can help people pay for damages that were caused by an auto mishap.

As a result, Fred Wash was saved from financial ruin thanks to the short-term policy he took out before leaving for his trip. This allowed Fred to return to the football field ready to defend his Blaby Bulldogs' League One title without a hitch.

Therefore, be sure to see the Blaby Bulldogs play in League Two action to see how Fred Wash can still score at will.

Just don't mention anything about his accident in Manchester. We wouldn't want the tabloids to know about it, wouldn't we?

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