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J William Julian (Woolwich Arsenal 1889-91 )

J W Julian

Our first captain - obviously a star!

William Julian : Our first professional captain  

This is quite a well know picture, it is said to have been taken in 1891, and shows William Julian who started work at Woolwich Arsenal in 1889 and who became the first professional captain of the club two years later. J W Julian appeared in three FA Cup matches but does not appear to have played League Football for the Club. He would have played at the Invicta Ground in Plumstead which had a playing area of 130 yards by 90 yards. On the south side of this ground housed a stand which held 1,500 people and on part of the west side there were concrete terraces that held around 3,000. The land was owned by George Weaver of the Weaver Mineral Water Company and he charged £200 pounds a year. It was in 1893 that Woolwich Arsenal joined the League as London's only professional club.On learning of Arsenal's election to the league Mr Weaver raised the amount to an extorionate £350 pounds plus tax. Arsenal decided to seek altenative accomodation.

If anyone knows any more about Willaim Julian (J W Julian) I would be very grateful for the information.

Brian Dawes

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